Dear applicants,

We are happy to announce the finalists of the 1st International Eduardas Balsys Young Composers Competition.

The following young composers will compete in the final round – in the Church of st. Catherine (Vilnius st. 30, Vilnius, Lithuania), 23 November 2019.


Junior group:

Guohao. ABYSS (for piano trio)

More. Terra-Cotta Warriors (for string quartet)

Sprot. Streichquartett in G (for string quartet)


Main group:

2517. Home (for string quartet)

aceg1357. All the Small Things (2019) (for woodwind quintet)

GrainSound. The Little Match Girl (for string orchestra)

Hamid. Angel of Darkness (for string orchestra)

Janet Green. A Sigh Into Thin Air (for string quartet)

khj4932. Does He Look Like A Bitch? (for 7 musicians)

Lin. Mountain and valleys (for string quartet)

Ning. High Heels on the Clock Face (for 4 musicians)

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