Ladies and Gentlemen,

Taking into account competition rules infringements identified, the Jury made a decision different to the previous.

Main Group

  • 1 st Prize – Not awarded
  • 2 nd Prize – HAMID – Hamidreza Golestani Sani (Tehran, Iran) „The Angel of Darkness“ – 1000 EUR
  • 3 rd Prize – NING -Yi-Ning Lo (Taiwan, res. New York, USA) „High Heels on the Clock Face“ – 500 EUR
  • 3 rd Prize – KHJ4932 – Hyeokjae Kim (South Korea, res. Graz, Austria) „Does He Look Like A Bitch“ – 500 EUR

Junior Group

  • 1st Place – SPROT – Marek Cimbal (Liberec, Czech Republik) String Quartet in G
  • 2nd Place – GUOHAO – Guohao Li (BeiJing, China) „Abyss“
  • 3rd Place – MORE – Zechen Ren (BeiJing, China) „Terra-cotta warriors“

Finalist diplomas are awarded to:

  • 2517 – Ihar Komar (Baranovichi, Belarus) “Home“
  • LIN – Xiaolin Pan (Shanghai, China) “Mountain and valleys”
  • ACEG1357 – XY Mike Zhou (China, res. New York, USA) “All The Small Things”
  • JANET GREEN – June Young Kim (South Korea, res. USA)  “A Sigh Into Thin Air”

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