1. Participants:

    • Composers from all countries and of all nationalities can participate in the competition;
    • The participants of the Junior Group should be born after 23 November 1999;
    • The participants of the Main Group  should be born after 23 November 1984.
  1. Requirements for works:

    • Only new, original works of music that have not been published or presented in any other competition or performed in public can be submitted;
    • Works, at the request of an author, can be accompanied by video material. An author of a related piece is held liable for the right to demonstrate such video content during the competition and the related events. The competition organisers bear no responsibility for the permission of a copyright holder to demonstrate video material in public;
    • Duration of a piece:

Junior Group from 5 to 10 minutes;

Main Group from 7 to 12 minutes;

    • The number of movements in a composition is not limited;
    • A printed score of a piece of music and PDF file containing a score and its separate parts as well as a demo recording of the piece (in wav or mp3 format) must be submitted;
    • One author can submit only one application for the competition;
    • The competition is anonymous. When submitting a score, recordings of a piece of music and other related material, an author must indicate only the name of the piece and their pseudonym.
  1. Instrument composition:

    • String quartet (violin, violin, viola, cello);
    • Piano trio (violin, cello, piano);
    • Woodwind quintet (flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, French horn); 
    • Brass quintet (2 trumpets (or 2 flugelhorns), French horn, trombone, tuba);
    • String orchestra – only for the main group (7,6,4,4,2);
    • Ensembles of mixed composition; comprised of the aforementioned instruments, not exceeding the indicated ensemble/orchestra quantities, with or without electronic instruments in the attached soundtrack. 

N.B. Taking into account your enquiries, we have prepared the following explanations:

  • Pieces for solo instruments cannot participate in the competition.
  • Also, pieces for solo instruments with an orchestra cannot take part in the competition.
  • The instruments that are not included in the compositions of instrument ensembles or orchestras can only be used as additional instruments.
  • Only the following instruments can be doubled: a violin, French horn and trumpet. All the other instruments listed in instrument ensembles can only be used as single instruments.
  1. Entrance fee:

    • The entrance fee is not applied for the participants of the Junior Group;
    • The entrance fee for the participants of the Main Group is 30 Euros;
    • The entrance fee can be transferred to the competition bank account or paid via PayPal.

  1. Applications and documents:

    1. A filled-in online competition application form and an attached copy of the paid entrance fee for the participants of the Main Group;
    2. Participant documents in a closed envelope:
    3. A closed envelope must bear a pseudonym of a participant (identical to the one indicated on a score) and the intended competition group.
  1. Deadlines:

    • 10 September 2019, 23:59 (GMT+2) for the submission of online competition application form and an attached copy of the paid entrance fee;
    • 1 October 2019, for the submission of envelopes with application forms and scores.
  1. Competition procedure:

    • Evaluation of the compliance of submitted applications and works with the competition conditions – 20 October 2019;
    • 1st round  – 26 October 2019;

Final round and finale concert – in the Church of St. Catherine (Vilnius st. 30, Vilnius, Lithuania), 23 November 2019.

  1. Prizes and awards:

    • The laureates of the Main Group of the Competition will be awarded the following prizes:
      • 1st Prize – 2,000 Euros;
      • 2nd Prize – 1,000 Euros;
      • 3rd Prize – 500 Euros.
    • The laureates of the Junior Group of the Competition will be awarded the Junior Group laureate diplomas and presents.
  1. Other provisions

    • The works that do not fulfil the competition conditions do not participate in the competition.
    • Competition jury has a right not to appoint the 1st prize.
    • The decision of the competition jury is final and indisputable.
    • While submitting their works for the competition, authors agree to the competition regulations.
    • The competition organisers and partners reserve the right to perform the submitted works, to publish the scores submitted for the competition, to reproduce the recordings of the works, to perform the works in concerts as well as to announce the authors of the submitted works and their biographies.
    • The material submitted for the competition is not returned to authors.